Becoming Fully Alive


To become fully alive has been the focus of my life since I can fully remember. I remember reading this quote or something similar and thinking “why not”? Although, I don’t think I had any idea what that actually meant, until recently. I do remember being inspired and driven by experiences and people that brought out my fear, always pushing myself to have moments where I question everything, where I felt the dreaded fear of failure. I made it my mission in life to face my fears and I did, I faced them, every single one of them. Poof!

Since moving to Oregon one moon ago, I have had some time to reflect on what it is to “change”. Let’s face it, change is hard; it hurts. It is also necessary if we want to really live. I have always held close the phrase “that which does not kill us, only makes us stronger”. With this understanding I felt equipped to face everything that the Universe threw at me.

After some sweet reflection this last month I can say one thing for sure: I finally “feel” strong! I feel like I can do anything, accomplish whatever I set my heart and soul on. I finally feel free from the negative thoughts that have plagued my mind, the ones that told me no. Today, I am all yes! I can finally feel the truth!! The truth that I am absolutely 100% the Co-Creator of my own experience. In truth I have been dreaming and wishing for everything I have in front of me right now. My neighbors are the answer to my prayers, my job was made for me, my environment is full of blooming flowers, boats, kind and conscious people. There is no trash on the street, people genuinely care about each other. I meet new people everyday and they truly are the reason Portland has the reputation it has. Everyone of them is brilliant and they notice my brilliance. It feels really good to be seen. 🙂 I’m no longer the weirdest girl on the block!! Ha!

I also know this truth: I know for a fact I will change more than I already have. I know for a fact I am always going to work on being better than I was yesterday. I know for a fact I will always stay in touch with all of the hearts and souls I have known before, as you are the reason I am who I am. Facebook was once the bane of my existence, only because I wasn’t letting myself grow into what the world has become due to technology. The world is changing and so must I. I really love who I have become, I wouldn’t be who I am, without your influence. Thank you. I know I will never stop telling the people I love, that I love them. I love you.

I also know there is unlimited room in my life for love and with that fact I am excited! I am excited! I am excited!

Since arriving in LO bug and I have spent a lot of time exploring our new home. I know how to get to Trader Joes, New Seasons, and over to the the east bay. I know how to find the nicest Goodwill on the planet, our closest herb shop, rock shop and olive oil distillery. I have only had Oregon wine and beer, with that said the “conscious pet industry” has me spinning! On a mission to find the perfect bone for Bernice 🙂

Everyday I take time to reflect and the last few weeks have been about “receiving the change” that the Universe helped me create. I am focused on receiving the perfect place for us to live, the perfect people for us to live with, the perfect pink tree on my patio. As I write this I sit in Awe at the power of God in my life. Truthfully, without my love for the Light I would still be flaring aimlessly. Thanks be to my Co-Creator and all of the wonderful and amazing people who it has created and that I have had the privilege and merit to know and love.

God Bless Everyone! No exceptions.

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