Blanketing the World in Love

“In order to be successful in life all one must do is look around and find the things that matter the most. Within those things, lies the answer to all our troubles.” ~ Some really wise man

I have been a single mom for 14 years and have been searching hi and low for a career that allows me to spend time with my daughter and dog without sacrificing the things that matter most. Last spring we packed up our life in Littleton, Colorado and headed to the Northwest on a new adventure and in April 2014, we landed in Lake Oswego, Oregon. When we came to Oregon we knew no one. I started our blog so to document our experience and to remain in touch with those who had been such an important part of our life. Little did I know, relocating would be harder than I expected.  There is a lot of pain that comes with uprooting and moving to where there is no immediate support system. And while my intentions were pure I stopped blogging for 7 months because reality set in, and I realized we were alone and all the responsibility of raising a conscious to-be woman, was now 100% on me.

Since moving to Oregon the tragedy in Syria has led to many sleepless nights, and I, like so many other Americans have grappled with the feelings of helplessness. The truth is, next to my daughter and my most precious pup there is nothing I love more than the idea of Peace on Earth. For as long as I can remember it has been my dream that all humans realize their individual and unified magnificence. Subsequently, my biggest challenge has been how I could participate in making my dream come true while remaining 100% present for Bug. Since moving to Oregon we have worked hard at cultivating relationships with our neighbors. I firmly believe the key to world peace is loving our neighbors as we love our self.  While building relationships with my new friends I have found kindred souls. Subsequently, through many hours of mediation and prayer I may have finally discoverd a way that we can spend precious and fleeting time together, all the while aiding some of the worlds most vulnerable humans. Truth be told, although I have struggled for many years trying to keep food on the table and clothes on her back, our struggles pale in comparison to our brothers and sisters in Eastern Europe.

Considering the fact that moving to Oregon has been one of the hardest things I have ever done, I have cultivated endless compassion and empathy for those who have left their homes with nothing more than the clothes on their back. Right this very moment there are mothers who are facing the potential of losing their small children due to freezing temperatures in the event of finding peace and refuge from war and violence. We have to do something.

MeBugandBernice is a company founded on the desire to be deeply connected to each other, with the understanding that sharing with those in need, is the only way humanity, as a collective, can find ourselves solving the issues of oppression and violence. The worlds most vulnerable people are just like you and me and from my perspective, we are all a part of one family. Therefore, it is our mission to blanket the world in love, helping to bringing forth the best qualities of the human condition. Every purchase made through our store will benefit someone in need. This years mission is to blanket innocent children that face imminent struggle, while their parents find their way to their new life.
Click here to share love with your  family while sharing with a child in need.